An immersive language programme for lovers of nature and the authentic mediterranean lifestyle.

Spanish for Nature Lovers is designed for those who enjoy relaxing, good food and being outdoors. 


Spanish for nature lovers is an immersive language course for people who want an authentic and inspiring experience that allows them to improve their knowledge of the Spanish language and connect with the environment and with themselves.

A shared experience, living in a local countryside home, with classes from native teachers and leisure activities, with me as the host. 

The programme includes a one-week stay in my home in Vilademuls, a town near Girona, 20 minutes from the Costa Brava.

Here you can gain fluency in speaking, putting your language skills into practice in real-life situations, throught the daily activities.

Spanish for Nature Lovers is intended for adults who already have some knowledge of Spanish and want to take advantage of their holiday to improve their language proficiency.


If you’re thinking that this is for you…

…then let me tell you a little more about the people who take part in Spanish for nature lovers.

All of them want to improve their Spanish in an authentic, natural setting. And they come with the desire to learn, relax and experience the local lifestyle.

It is a programme designed for you to enjoy learning Spanish while having a different genuine experience.

Spanish for Nature Lovers will allow you to:
learn about our history and our culture,
interact with local people,
discover new places,
enjoy Mediterranean cuisine,
and make new friends.

In short: rest, learn and have fun. At your own pace.

It’s a course to boost your level of Spanish

Spanish for nature lovers is the programme that I would have liked to take part in to learn a foreign language.

All activities, starting with breakfast with your classmates, group classes, walks and workshops, are designed to put your Spanish language and expression skills into practice.

This will allow you to improve your listening, speaking, reading, writing and grammar skills.

All this while enjoying a unique programme in a rural environment that you will fall in love with.


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