Feel confident speaking Spanish.

Spanish for Nature Lovers is an immersive experience that gives you the opportunity to improve your Spanish, connect with the local culture, and discover this beautiful area.


Spanish for Nature Lovers is a week-long experience, during which I open up my home in Girona to a small group of guests, and invite them to discover the richness of the Spanish language while becoming part of the community.

In a week you will improve your Spanish all the while soaking up a peaceful and relaxing holiday in nature.

Who is Spanish for Nature Lovers for?

Spanish for Nature Lovers is a retreat intended for women who already have some knowledge of Spanish and want to take advantage of their holiday to improve their language proficiency.


Do you need to speak Spanish at work?


Do you plan to travel to Spain or Latin America?


Do you want to gain fluency to communicate with a relative who is a native Spanish speaker?


Or are you simply in love with the language, and want to improve your skills while enjoying a different sort of holiday?



I will welcome you into my home on Sunday afternoon. We will introduce ourselves and get to know each other over a calm, relaxing dinner that sets the tone for our week ahead.


We’ll start every morning with a homemade breakfast at home made from seasonal and local produce.


Then, I will take you out to participate in a group activity to discover the local area and culture.


We will enjoy authentic, home-cooked meals.


You will have time for yourself to enjoy the peace and quiet, open a good book, play board games and get to know the housemates.

At the end of the week, you will return home refreshed and with greater confidence in your Spanish.

You will also take home the memory of an inspiring and unforgettable experience. Memories of special moments shared with new friends and local people who will have shown you some of the small details of their daily lives.

A schedule of activities to connect with the environment and with yourself.

Every week is unique at Spanish for Nature Lovers. I love to plan every retreat according to the season and the interests of my guests. This is why when you make your reservation, I ask you to tell me about your expectations, likes, and preferences.

Your stay here will allow you to practice your Spanish in everyday situations all day long, both at home and on excursions.

We will explore the local area on foot, by bike, and when the sun shines, even by kayak! This way, you are enjoying every moment and improving your language skills by:



Listening. You will hear the language in real-life situations and during guided activities with native speakers.


Speaking. Your fluency and confidence to express yourself in Spanish will grow and you will be able to practice with your housemates, me, and all kinds of local people.


Reading. Whether you’re participating in guided activities, visiting restaurants, or watching a movie with Spanish subtitles, the week will be full of opportunities to improve your reading.


Writing. Every day you’ll have a chance to write about a simple topic related to the week’s activities.


Grammar. You can review grammar topics and get answers to your questions during conversations with native speakers.

The Offering

Spanish for Nature Lovers is an immersive language learning retreat designed to improve your Spanish while you make memories.

What is included?


Accommodation. Seven nights in a private room inside a charming house in the Spanish countryside.

Arrival: Sunday starting at 4:00 p.m. Check out: The following Sunday before 11:00 a.m.

Meals. Breakfast in the dining room prepared with local produce, leisurely lunch and dinner plans, according to the schedule of activities. In addition, there will be an ongoing supply of water, tea infusions and coffee available at the house for you to enjoy.

Small groups. Maximum of four students at any one time to ensure a personalized and unique experience that allows for connecting and relationship building.

Activities. We will follow a different plan every day which may include activities such as walks through historic villages, pottery classes, guided bike tours, oceanfront hiking and visits to local markets. The plans will be adapted to the interests of the group and the time of the year.

Local transportation. In addition to being your host, I will also be your guide that accompanies you to every activity throughout the week.

Seven days that will boost your level of Spanish, paired with the natural surroundings and the company of like-minded people with similar interests.


What is not included?


Plane tickets or airport transfer. Many cities around the world offer flights to the Barcelona airport. From there, you can take a coach to Banyoles, a 15 minutes drive from the house. If you are coming from Europe, you can also choose the Girona – Costa Brava airport. There you will have a direct taxi service (the trip usually takes about 25 minutes).


In any case, when completing your registration, you will receive detailed instructions on how to get here.



Escape to the countryside for a long weekend and stay in a beautiful rural home near Barcelona to practice your Spanish.


Spanish for Nature Lovers is a retreat for small groups and, as such, availability is limited.


Reserve your spot for 1200€


At this point, you might be wondering about some of these questions:

Are the activities appropriate for all ages?

Of course! I will create a weekly plan that matches the likes and preferences of each group to ensure all participants for the week feel comfortable and excited about the upcoming activities.

Is it possible to follow a special diet?

Absolutely! On the questionnaire prior to your visit, I will ask you about your food preferences so I can make sure that you have options suitable for your diet both at the house and when eating out.

What level of Spanish do I need?

You need to have a basic idea of the language that allows you to understand it. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t used it for a long time or if you feel it’s a little «rusty.» It’s all about coming here to learn and improve. If you have questions about your particular case, you can write to me at info@spanishfornaturelovers.com.

Are we going to have any free time?

Yes, definitely. I understand that in order to communicate in a language that is not yours, you will be using a lot of energy. It is for this reason that the retreat includes times you can rest and do whatever you choose.

How long is the Spanish for Nature Lovers Retreat?

One week, from Sunday to Sunday.

What are your payment terms and cancellation policy?

We ask that you make a non-refundable payment of 20% of the total cost in order to reserve your place. Although this initial payment is non-refundable, we understand that plans change. This is why we offer the chance to postpone your trip for another week at least three months prior to your scheduled retreat. The remaining 80% of the total cost will be paid upon arrival.

This is your time to experience linguistic and cultural immersion while discovering special places and making new friends.

I look forward to welcoming you.

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